Letter writing in Diamond Class

Children in Diamond Class (Year Receoption and 1) made a special box for letters, decorated with glitter to match the Winter Wonderland. Overnight there was a visitor to the classroom who nibbled the carrot and left a letter for the children!

Trinity Prayer Activities

The prayer activities for Term 1 centred around God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and how the Trinity is explained. This links with our collective worship theme for the term. Reverend Dr Linda Shuker came to talk to the children in the Worship Committee, who then led the activities in church.

Winter Wonderland topic

This topic really came to life in Diamond Class with children writing and receiving letters from the reindeer. Children rushed to the role play area in the morning to read the latest letter and see how many carrots the reindeer had eaten overnight! The topic ended with a trip to the winter pantomime “Aladdin” in […]

India topic

From children’s questionnaires about the curriculum, we could see how popular this topic had been. One of the highlights was the Bhangra dancing, and those children who went to the Festival of Light in October, practised their moves with the Bhangra dancers there. Sampling different types of Indian food was another highlight!

Book Day March 2015

All the reading and book related activities of the day culminated in a whole school assembly to create a “Book tree” with labels from the children and staff showing their favourite book and explaining why it was chosen.

Mummy owl comes to school

Year R and 1 have been reading “Owl Babies” and wondering where all the babies are. Kindly villagers have spotted them in different places and written to the class but the children had the biggest surprise of all when “Mummy Owl” appeared at school!

Young Voices 2015

What a difference in perspective! Our initial seats were right at the very top of the O2, but we were then invited to sit in another place, to fill up empty seats, and had the best view of all – right next to the stage! Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 had a fabulous […]

Kings and Queens and history based topics

The Victorians provided a fascinating part of this topic, culminating in a visit to the Ragged School Museum in East London, and a performance of “The Runaways”, written by Year 2, 5 and 6 children based loosely on the story of “Oliver”. Each class has a history time line, which has proved very useful in […]

From pasture to plate topic

This topic included a look at diet and nutrition, and in looking at food types, Year 2 spent time focussing on the variety of colour, tone and shade of different foods, then creating a spectacularly colourful display. Reception and Year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed the farmyard aspects of the topic, linking it to a previous […]