Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

Learning together, believing together, achieving together.

Through Learning, we promote wisdom and the ability to make good choices.

Through Believing, we learn dignity and respect for ourselves and each other

Through Achieving, we create aspiration and hope for the future

Together we become an even stronger community.

Wisdom, hope, respect and community are our cornerstone Christian values and these provide the framework for all we do in Trottiscliffe Church of England Primary School.  We are passionate to develop a life-long love of learning in all members of our community; to inspire and encourage each other to grow in confidence and fulfil our unique potential.  We promote independence and aim to equip our students with the skills and good judgement to be prepared for an active role in our ever-changing diverse society.


Our Learning Behaviours

To become life-long learners, we teach our children to develop, apply and recognise these learning behaviours both in themselves and in others:

Perseverance – to keep going when we find something hard and try a different way

Resourcefulness – to identify what may help us achieve our aim more easily

Independence – to think for ourselves, act on our own initiative and complete tasks without additional support

Determination – to set a target and continue to focus until it is achieved

Empathy – to see things from the point of view of others

Community – to work together as a team, to do something for the good of the whole community