India Day

Children enjoyed a day of activities relating to the “India” topic. These included: dancing workshops led by the 4×4 Bhangra dancers from Gravesend; making sweets and Diwali lamps; painting face masks and puppets of traditional Indian stories; and creating Mendhi patterns. October 2014

Festival of Light 2014

The Festival of Light was held for the second year. Starting at St George’s Church in Wrotham, children and families from the 4 PWP schools carried our lanterns in the dark, around the village. The Festival of Light is a cultural celebration, linked with our RE topics. We were accompanied by dancers and ended the […]

Music@Malling 2014

September 2014 – children in Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 performed in the Music@Malling Festival, in West Malling. The piece of music was based on Gruber’s “Frankenstein”.

Art workshops with Mr Alade

Mr Alade came to school and worked with each class, demonstrating his skills as a professional artist and showing children how to look carefully and then draw. The children were fascinated and produced some beautiful drawings. October 2014

Letter writing in Diamond Class

Children in Diamond Class (Year Receoption and 1) made a special box for letters, decorated with glitter to match the Winter Wonderland. Overnight there was a visitor to the classroom who nibbled the carrot and left a letter for the children!

Trottiscliffe’s hoop in Rochester Cathedral

Children in Sapphire class designed and made a Christmas hoop for the cathedral.They discussed their ideas of what represents Christmas, agreeing on important symbols and words. They decided on angels, because angels brought messages to Mary and the shepherds; they watched over the infant Jesus and in carols there are often ‘choirs of angels’. The […]